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Home project  - Mały dom z dachem pulpitowym, sypialnią, gabinetem i dużym zadaszonym tarasem.

Zx157 D

Mały dom z dachem pulpitowym, sypialnią, gabinetem i dużym zadaszonym tarasem.
project's availability 18 work days

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Home project  - Mały dom z dachem pulpitowym, sypialnią, gabinetem i dużym zadaszonym tarasem.

Ground 582,5 ft²

23,3 ft²
65,2 ft²
231,4 ft²
116,3 ft²
43,4 ft²
80,6 ft²
22,4 ft²
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Home project  - Mały dom z dachem pulpitowym, sypialnią, gabinetem i dużym zadaszonym tarasem.

Minimal plot - dimensions, which must have a plot that house could be placed in accordance with the
Minimal plot

52,89 ft
54,86 ft
Dimensions of the front elevation
Dimensions of the front elevation - the dimensions of the front façade of the building along with the retaining wall surfaces excluding windows and doors
30,58 ft

Area and dimensions

Usable / net
582,5 ft²
Usable: Area of all rooms except for the technical room, garage, utility room, attic. When sizes does not include plaster and wall coverings.
Net area: This is the area of all rooms of the building measured at floor level, taking into account plaster and wall cladding. Does not diminish the floor area of variable height - eg. In the attic. To put it simply - so as to spread in all areas of the carpet on the floor.
Living area
Living area: Is a surface contour of the exterior walls of the building. For building area is not included: the underground part of the building, ramp car, external stairs, porches, canopies over the entrances, galleries and all floor. But it takes into account eg. Conservatories or other elements of the build.
The height of the house
13,45 ft
The height of the house - height from ground level to the ridge or attic.
The angle of inclination of the roof
The angle of inclination of the roof - the angle of the roof to the ground.
Roof area
1 998,86 ft²
Roof area - total roof area with the exception of roof windows.
Minimal plot
52,89 x 54,86 ft

Technology and construction

timber frame
Metal tile, bituminous, plate

Thermal insulation

heating system
gas, ERV
heating system - Type of heating provided for the project
  • bezpośredni kontakt z architektem konsultacje z projektantem
  • najszybsza bezpłatna wysyłka oszczędzasz 20 zł
  • zgoda autorska na zmiany w projekcie
  • wygodna teczka na dokumenty
  • gratis do każdego projektu zestawy projektów dodatkowych
project's availability 18 work days

Zx157 D to propozycje niewielkiego, drewnianego, nowoczesnego domu w konstrukcji drewnianej. Elewację wykonano z drewna oraz ciemnego tynku. Duże, zadaszone tarasy biegnące z 3 stron pozwalają na przejście od strony ogrodu do domu bez zmoknięcia.

Prezentowany projekt dekowany jest dla: młodych ludzi, którzy wolą własną przestrzeń zamiast mieszkania w bloku; rodzin, których dzieci "wyfrunęły" z gniazda; oraz sprawdzi się również jako domek letniskowy.

Na powierzchni 55m2 zaprojektowano otwartą część dzienną, sypialnię z wyjściem na taras, niewielką łazienkę oraz gabinet, który może pełnić rolę pokoju gościnnego lub garderoby.

ArchiCAD - a specialized CAD graphic software

Insight into the virtual image of the investment - (3D model, 4D, 5D) showing the picture of the planned state of the actual object in the surrounding environment, or automatic detection of discrepancies during design help to avoid problems at the implementation stage and consequently the occurence of additional unforseen costs.

BIM facilitates the modification of the project - conceptual changes introduced in the project are applied to the 3D model and are automatically reflected in the quantitative reports and project documentation.

Facilitates cooperation at the design stage - in a well-developed and efficient system, designers collect and exchange data, cooperating and sharing the necessary information. BIM technology is already used at the stage of creating the project. Thanks to this, all participants of the investment process are able to check virtually all the technical aspects of the planned implementation before the heavy equipment starts work.

adaptation and changes to the project

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